Review: LE PÉRE JULES 3yo – #27 hit

Decomposing apples! That is the best way to describe the taste of this very young Calvados. It has the most ucalvados-le-pere-jules-3-ans-d-agenrefined taste I’ve ever come across. Still I say this with utmost admiration. I love it. None of my friends like it and I’ve noticed that it is not getting much praise on the web either. However, apart from being rather harsh I see no reasons to dislike it. There are very heavy notes of apples in there, not green apples but more like rotting apples. Rotting apples sounds pretty awful but I only use the words in lack of a better description. I guess it would be more fitting to compare the taste to roasted brown apples (if they existed). Regarding the alcoholic punch it is true this is not Baileys you are drinking. This is not always a bad thing though. Sometimes you just want something that can knock your socks off and not some queasy smooth stuff.

VERDICT: No matter what the masses say I will continue to love this Calva.



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