Review: FRAPIN vsop – #17 hit

I solely purchased this Cognac because it, supposedly, tasted like ripe apples.  If it wasn’t for mfrapin_VSOPy high consumption of Calvados I might have been fooled. However I know apples when I see (drink) them and this is not it. Maybe, and this is a stretch, you can vaguely discern distant fruity flavors that could be mistaken as ripe apples. This necessitates both huge effort and imagination however and I am more inclined to write it off as a cocktail of spring grass, vanilla and citrus fruits. Apples or not this is still a very decent Cognac especially considering its young age. In my opinion it puts itself several ranks above standard V.S.O.P.s and could almost go as a XO, but only almost.

VERDICT: This is a very gentle and refreshing cognac that rises above most V.S.O.P.s out there. The alcoholic punch that often accommodates younger Cognacs is more or less absent which almost makes you believe this was a XO. Where the apples are hiding however is beyond me…



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