Review: ISLE OF JURA Superstition – #25 hit

Before becoming a slave to Islay whiskies I remember tasting Isle of Jura Superstition and thinking “this is actually not that bad”. A couple of weeks later I bought myself a bottle which started to set things in motion. Like a drug addiction I started to seek towards stronger and smokierwhiskies until I ran into Islay whiskies. I surrendered and had found my peace. I still have a Superstition now and then, but now more as a casual drink.Jura superstition

This is a light bodied single malt with earthy peaty flavors combined with caramelized popcorn and just a tad of smoke. There is almost no bite at the end but the aftertaste puts me somewhat off. Still this whisky showed me the path which I am eternally gratefully for.

VERDICT: I can’t help comparing Superstition to other peaty single malts and when I do it falls short. Not because it is bad in any way, I’ve just grown accustomed to Islay smokebombs I guess. It is like drinking Budweiser when you are used to Trappist beer (okay maybe not the best comparison). When that is said I do think this is a very good entrance to peaty single malt and it certainly lives up to its slogan: Subtly sweet yet smoky.



Review: TALISKER 10yo – #61 hit

Talisker is the only distillery that has survived on the island of Skye and will soon celebrate its 200 year birthday. Even though it is often compared to Islay single malts, I find this to be a big mistake as the differences could not be more apparent. Not even the mildly peated whiskies like Caol Ila show any resemblance. If we take a look at the phenol levels, which lie around 18-22, TaliskeTalisker10r would be characterized as a moderately peated whisky. However present the smoke and peat is it is well concealed beneath an overwhelming amount of peppery spices and sea salt. Even the alcohols seem to stay in the back giving room for notes of seaweed, white pepper, bitter malt, and a touch of lemon. The finish is short and leaves a bitter and tingling feeling on the tongue. So what do I think about this whisky? Well my expectations may have been too high because I was slightly disappointed and I found it a bit dull.

VERDICT: Definitely interesting if you are into whiskies that are peppery, salty, and very malty. As this is not the case for me I am not currently a fan. Maybe I should give the 18 year old a go!