Review: RUM COMPANY Cocorange Old Rum – #73 hit

3 weeks ago while attending a Rum & Whisky Festival in Copenhagen I stumbled (literally) into this unique newcomer; Rum Company.  It had been a long afternoon and I had reached around 17-18 tastings so my taste buds (as well as my view) was severely damaged at this point. Still I practically ended up staying at this booth until they closed down. Long story short I had more than a few tastings and eventually staggered away with 4 bottles: 2 x Cocorange Old Rum and 2 x Aficionado, both from Rum Company. If you have never heard about Rum Company before I don’t blame you. Neither had I 3 weeks ago.Cocorange

Rum Company was established by three German rum enthusiasts in 2009. Since then they have released several different blends as they import already matured rum from The Caribbean to Germany and blend it themselves.

My first impression of this rum was Pyrat XO with a small amount of Malibu Black. I guess it seemed reasonable at the time given the strong aroma of freshly crushed coconuts and chopped orange peel. After tasting it however I realized how wrong my assumption was. Obviously more sweet than Pyrat XO but I would also go as far as to say that the taste of citrus fruits (especially oranges) is more pronounced or maybe even more authentic than in Pyrat XO. Is it more on the citrus fruit or coconut side? This is hard to say but I would probably describe the taste more as freshly pressed oranges spiked with coconut milk than the other way around.  Mid palate is more on the citrus fruit side whereas coconut is dominating towards and during the finish. The balance between the two is perfect. The texture is creamy and the 40% abv. is nicely concealed. I believe this rum is going to be very popular and it is already harvesting medals around the world. Next stop Aficionado!

VERDICT:  Originally my intention was that Cocorange Old Rum would be for the female guests. However Gollum has come over me and I keep it to myself now. It is undoubtedly the best of the sweet rums I’ve tasted and you should definitely try it if you like Pyrat XO (even though it tastes nothing like it) and coconut rums.