Review: JIM BEAM Honey – #72 hit

Jim Beam entering the grey zone!

In a blind test I honestly can’t say if I would have put my money on whiskey or liqueur. I would probably have gone with the latter Jim-Beam-Honeysince this reminds me so much of the Italian apricot/almond based liqueur amaretto. But it is not. This is the four year old white label infused with REAL honey! Is it worth your time? It depends. If you are a single malt connoisseur you would most probably be disappointed. On the other hand if you like overly sweet whiskeys or don’t like whiskey at all this might just be your thing. At 35% abv. it is soft as velvet and pose no resistance as it slinks down your throat. It is liquid candy. Sweet as hell. I found Red Stag Black Cherry sweet but this is incomparable. I have a hard time deciding if I like it or not. I guess I do kind of like it despite its lack of resemblance to the whiskey I am used to. That said I quickly get too much of it. At some point it breaches your sweetness threshold and you start regretting. I’d say it should be taken in moderate amounts.

On the palate: I don’t have much to say here. Honey, honey and…..honey. Okay I guess if you dig a little bit deeper you will find both vanilla and oak as well. There is also hints of almonds.

VERDICT: Reluctantly I must admit I kind of like this Bourbon. Still it quickly gets too sugary and I tend to keep it to one or two drinks. If you like soft, creamy and sweet bourbons and don’t mind that they are borderline liqueurs I would advise you to try this one.