Review: GREEN SPOT – #76 hit

For a long time Green Spot and Redbreast were the only two Single Pot Still (SPS) whiskeys commercially available. However the interest in SPS whiskeys has been growing and in 2011 Powers John’s Lane and Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy joined this exclusive club. SPS whiskey uses a mixed mash of malted barley and unmalted green barley that are tripled distilled. Since this process is very different to the making of Single Malt whisky you would expect a completely different end product. This is also the case.Green Spot

If you were to place all the worlds whiskies on a “flavor map” Green Spot would be far away from the rest. Some would probably also mistake it for being something completely else than whiskey; it is THAT different. It is one of those drams you either love or hate.

I love Green Spot but it took me some time to get used to the unusual taste. If I were to describe its complexity in one sentence it would be “a whiskey filled with vegetal notes”. More specifically barley, green grass and citrus fruits. At the same time various spices and cereal flavors appear on the palate. The combination works well and considering it is a below 10yo whiskey it is surprisingly smooth (even for a triple distilled).

VERDICT: You want to try this SPS whiskey if you are ready to try something completely different to what you are used to. It cannot be compared to Redbreast or anything else I have tried but is very good nonetheless. Price is also reasonable around 60-70$.