Review: ISLE OF JURA Superstition – #25 hit

Before becoming a slave to Islay whiskies I remember tasting Isle of Jura Superstition and thinking “this is actually not that bad”. A couple of weeks later I bought myself a bottle which started to set things in motion. Like a drug addiction I started to seek towards stronger and smokierwhiskies until I ran into Islay whiskies. I surrendered and had found my peace. I still have a Superstition now and then, but now more as a casual drink.Jura superstition

This is a light bodied single malt with earthy peaty flavors combined with caramelized popcorn and just a tad of smoke. There is almost no bite at the end but the aftertaste puts me somewhat off. Still this whisky showed me the path which I am eternally gratefully for.

VERDICT: I can’t help comparing Superstition to other peaty single malts and when I do it falls short. Not because it is bad in any way, I’ve just grown accustomed to Islay smokebombs I guess. It is like drinking Budweiser when you are used to Trappist beer (okay maybe not the best comparison). When that is said I do think this is a very good entrance to peaty single malt and it certainly lives up to its slogan: Subtly sweet yet smoky.