Review: PÉRE MAGLOIRE XO – #45 hit

Pére Magloire XO has all the hallmarks of well crafted calvados; freshly baked apple tart sprinkled with crushed roasted nuts and cpere_magloire_xoinnamon. Matured at least 10 years in oak casks this Pére Magloire is as soft as a baby blanket with its rich and round entry. On top of this you will find that this is one of the creamiest calvadoses on the market. Multiple layers of caramelized ripe apples appear on midpalate and slowly fade while giving room for marshmallows and baking spices. It concludes well with a more organic finish of nuts and oak. Delicious!

VERDICT: Creamy and soft with distinct under-ripe apple notes ending off with a roasted nut finish. How can you not like this? I love this apple brandy and can highly recommend it!