Review: MARTELL Cordon Bleu – #16 hit

Cordon Bleu Cognac is one of those cognacs that don’t stay in the glass for long. It sinks down so easily that before you know it you are pouring yourself a new glass.  It leaves you with mixed images of baby blankets, cigar smoke, and tropical islands in the pacific. Celebrating its 100 birthday last year (2012) with a bronze medal from IWSC Cordon Bleu is still going strong. PMartell-Cordon-Bleuersonally I prefer this as opposed to Martell’s XO. This is not because of the price, even though you can get almost two bottles Cordon Bleu for the price of one XO, but because it is so perfectly balanced and utterly smooth. This is truly fluid candy and yet it has subtle notes of oak and ash that appear at the end. The exotic fruits are overwhelming and even though Cordon Bleu might lack some complexity I am not complaining!

VERDICT: Cordon Bleu should be in any Cognac enthusiast’s collection. I guarantee you that this is as smooth eaux-de-vies gets. It has the perfect balance of sweet fruits and oak and you don’t have to spend a half paycheck to get it (you can find it around 100 bucks I reckon).



Review: JIM BEAM Red Stag Black Cherry – #64 hit

Where I come from Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper is not very popular. I only know one person who actually like that stuff and that is me. Why that is I don’t know but I have always had a thing for cherry flavored drinks. So naturally I had to try Jim Beam’s Red Stag.jim-beam-red-stag

My first thought was “this must be the most viscous whiskey on the market”. You can almost chew on it! Also you don’t think of whiskey drinking it. Instead of whiskey I would more describe it as melted caramel mixed with sugar and dried red fruits. The traditional bourbon taste is almost absent and has been replaced by black cherry and heaps of glucose. Don’t get me wrong I like sugary stuff but Red Stag really tests my limit. If I was drinking it on the rocks without knowing what it was I would have put it at around 30% abv certainly not 40%. It is so unbelievably smooth. No wonder it is trying to target the female audience.

Disregarding the fact that Red Stag does not really taste like traditional bourbon, I love it. Maybe a bit too sugary but if you keep to a few glasses it should be fine. There is no question about it, I like this bourbon for the same reasons I like Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper; It is sweet and tastes like cherries.

Red Stag was launched in 2009 and last year Jim Beam came out with two more natural flavored bourbons: Red Stag Honey Tea and Red Stag Spiced. Maybe it is about time to try them as well.

VERDICT: Even though Red Stag never intended to impress whisky enthusiasts like myself I am slightly impressed. However the sugary notes quickly become too overwhelming so my advice is to drink small amounts at a time.


Review: LE PÉRE JULES 3yo – #27 hit

Decomposing apples! That is the best way to describe the taste of this very young Calvados. It has the most ucalvados-le-pere-jules-3-ans-d-agenrefined taste I’ve ever come across. Still I say this with utmost admiration. I love it. None of my friends like it and I’ve noticed that it is not getting much praise on the web either. However, apart from being rather harsh I see no reasons to dislike it. There are very heavy notes of apples in there, not green apples but more like rotting apples. Rotting apples sounds pretty awful but I only use the words in lack of a better description. I guess it would be more fitting to compare the taste to roasted brown apples (if they existed). Regarding the alcoholic punch it is true this is not Baileys you are drinking. This is not always a bad thing though. Sometimes you just want something that can knock your socks off and not some queasy smooth stuff.

VERDICT: No matter what the masses say I will continue to love this Calva.