Who am I to punish my liver?

Everybody has a dream. Something they want to achieve in life before they die – be it having kids, finding a soulmate, becoming financially independent, becoming spiritual or just becoming complete in some other way. I am no exception. My dream may not be as aspiring as most people’s but then again I am a humble man. The first thing on my Bucket List – and also the last – is to taste 1981 spirits before my body (read: liver) fails on me.

Why 1981? Well, being a bit superstitious 1981 is the year I was born. While I expect to live at least 40 more years, this would mean tasting a new spirit every week. Even though this may not be doable in my current situation I am aiming at stepping it up when I get older and financially independent.

In this process I have decided that I might as well review what I drink. However I should mention that the ratings and reviews are severely biased by my addiction to dark spicy rums, smoky-peaty whiskies, and smooth fruity cognacs. Hence the ratings merely serve as pointers as taste do vary and my preferences may not fit everybody’s description of good liquor. Now let’s get started.

One down 1980 to go….


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